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Explore our thoughtfully designed and one-of-a-kind selection of ensembles.

*Note: patterns change from year to year

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The Diplomat is an assortment of 4 holiday patterns to suit the entire family. All designs are printed on premium, heavyweight gift wrap. Some patterns are reversible for year-round versatility!

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Everyday Diplomat

An assortment of 4 non-holiday, all-occasion patterns for those special gift giving events. Holiday designs are featured on the reverse.

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Foil Diplomat

An assortment of holiday patterns on brilliant metallized paper that is sure to impress.

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A blend of 6 holiday-themed gift wrap patterns. Many feature reversible prints for year-round versatility!

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Foil Statesman

An eye-catching assortment of holiday patterns on beautiful metallized paper.

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Hanukkah Statesman

A delightful array of Hanukkah cheer, with both Hanukkah themed designs and solid foil in Hanukkah colors.

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The Executive was RichWrap’s first ensemble and still remains the most popular!

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The Envoy is a wonderful combination of our premium, heavyweight paper wrap and beautiful metallized foil wrap. This assortment is sure to make gift wrapping fun and diverse. Many paper patterns are reversible for more versatility!