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Explore our thoughtfully designed and one-of-a-kind selection of ensembles.

*Note: patterns change from year to year

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4 Rolls: $13.45 - $14.15

A blend of 4 holiday patterns for the entire family.

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Everyday Diplomat

4 Rolls: $14.70 - $15.70

An assortment of 4 non-holiday, all-occasion patterns for those special gift giving events.

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Foil Diplomat

4 Rolls: $16.20 - $17.55

An assortment of holiday patterns on brilliant metallized paper that is sure to impress.

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6 Rolls: $16.70 - $17.95

A blend of 6 holiday patterns divided between adult and children themes.

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Foil Statesman

6 Rolls: $22.10 - $23.90

An eye-catching assortment of holiday patterns on beautiful metallized paper.

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Hanukkah Statesman

6 Rolls: $23.15 - $24.95

A delightful array of Hanukkah cheer, with both Hanukkah themed designs and solid foil in Hanukkah colors.

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9 Rolls: $23.75 - $24.95

A blend of 7 holiday and 2 all-occasion patterns. It was RichWrap’s first ensemble and still remains the most popular!

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Foil Executive

9 Rolls: $32.35 - $33.75

A beautiful assortment of beautiful foil designs primarily for the holidays but also year-round gift giving.

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9 Rolls: $26.75 - $25.40

A wonderful combination of our heavy weight paper wrap and beautiful metallized foil. This assortment is sure to make gift wrapping fun and diverse

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9 Rolls: $26.85 - $28.50

A beautiful array of 9 paper wraps perfect for use on those non-holiday, special gift occasions.

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12 Rolls: $31.50 - $32.85

A blend of holiday and all-occasion patterns. It is designed to serve a family’s year-round gift wrapping needs.

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Foil VIP

12 Rolls: $41.15 - $42.75

Featuring stunning foil designs that create a truly spectacular ensemble.

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Be festive while saving time. Great for convenient wrapping to go!