What makes a great gift?

How Can I Stand Out?

What makes a great gift? That is the burning question many of us ask, especially during the holiday season. Finding the perfect gift that is both fun to give and well received can be a stressful task. This is especially true companies who want to make a positive, lasting impression on their clients and vendors.

The very best gifts are those things people not only want and need, but also tend not to buy for themselves. Finding those kinds of gifts used to be challenging, but not anymore. Gift wrap ensembles are fast becoming one of the most useful and unique corporate holiday gifts on the market. It’s one of those things people appreciate having on hand, ready to come to the rescue when they need it. This is a gift that doesn’t spoil, die, or go out of style. Recipients will think of the sender with appreciation every time they use the gift wrap. Gift wrap is universal as well. There are many occasions other than Christmas where gift wrap is required: birthdays, weddings, baby showers, Mother’s Day, Father’s day, and so on.

RichWrap has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing gift wrap ensembles for over forty-five years. RichWrap offers high-quality products that are completely made in America, and all the components are thoughtfully designed and coordinated to be decorative and useful. The gift wrap itself is printed on heavy weight, coated paper. You’ll notice the difference right away between RichWrap and what you find at the supermarket or dollar store.

RichWrap sticks to universal, beautiful designs and colors. Most designs are reversible, with all-occasion patterns on the reverse to provide even more versatility. It’s just another way the recipient will appreciate the sender throughout the entire year, not just during the holiday season.

RichWrap is also cost effective. Because we print in bulk and enjoy wonderful relationships with our vendors, we are able to produce a gorgeous, high-quality, well-designed ensemble for a very reasonable price, with a perceived value many times greater than the actual cost.

Gift giving does not have to be a frustrating, time-intensive endeavor. Giving the gift of Richwrap will provide your company with a stress-free, economical, and unique gift-giving experience year after year—one your customers, employees, and business associates will appreciate and look forward to.