Corporate Gifting

Timing is Important

When sending a corporate holiday gift, timing is very important. Your company deserves to be set apart from the rest. By sending your gift to its recipient in the week or two before Christmas, your gift will likely be forgotten in a sea of other senders.  Giving unique and useful gifts in the corporate world can be more than just a means to checking off a line on your to-do list, though, it can be a way to exemplify the thoughtfulness of your company and be different.

Sending RichWrap Gift Wrap Ensembles is completely different. We recommend shipping the gift wrap ensembles as close to Thanksgiving as possible. This timetable is important for two reasons: First, the recipient will be sure to remember you and your gift as you will have beat the gift rush, giving them one of their first presents of the season. Second, since many people kick off their holiday shopping around Thanksgiving, you are able to provide them with the perfect, useful gift just in time for when they need it. Not only will they be excited to receive something that gives them a head start on their wrapping, but they’ll be grateful to have one less thing to worry about.

Giving the gift of giftwrap to clients and vendors can be a great way to impress them, but the utility of RichWrap does not end there. Your own employees, too, will be sure to appreciate the well timed and truly useful gift from their employer. And you’ll be glad to cross one thing off your company’s list so early in the season, giving you a jump on all the other corporate holiday planning tasks.