Gift Wrap 101

Making it Great

With RichWrap gift wrap ensembles, you have it all: the gift wrap, coordinating ribbon and bows, and gift tags. We even provide the tape!

With all these beautiful choices, it’s time to get wrapping. But what if you are all thumbs when it comes to wrapping a package? Here are some tips to make the process go smoothly.

First, assemble all your supplies. With RichWrap gift ensembles, you’ve already got that covered. Make sure you have a large enough workspace to accommodate bigger gifts, and don’t forget the scizzors.

Next, roll out the wrapping paper you’ve chosen, making sure you have enough to cover the gift. Sometimes it helps to actually measure so you allow enough with a bit to spare. Tackle the sides first, bringing the paper up over the box and taping securely so it’s smooth and snug.

Now it’s time for the sides—and this is what makes your gift look like it’s been wrapped professionally. With the box facing toward you, fold in the right and left edges to form flaps, and then fold the top flap down, making precise creases as you go. Tape down and then bring the bottom flap up and tape that securely. Do the same with the other side, and finish by running your fingers along the top sides of your box to create creased edges.

Next, choose your coordinating ribbon, and once that’s in place, add a bow and a self-stick gift tag—and you’re good to go! Our gift wrap ensembles make it easy for your gifts to stand out, making your recipients feel pampered and appreciated. You’ve just taken the art of gift-wrapping to a whole new level with RichWrap!