Wrapping Odd-Shaped Gifts

Not All Gifts Are Created Equal

With our gift ensembles, you’ve got everything you need to wrap all your gifts beautifully and creatively. But not all gifts are created equal when it comes to sizes and shapes. Tackling the odd-shaped gift can be challenging—but we’ve got you covered!

Think Out of the Box

Let’s say you have a little ornament, or a pair of socks, or a gift card. You can create a little pouch with our wrapping paper. Cut the wrapping paper to the size you need, and then fold the sides in toward the center and secure with tape. Next fold the bottom up (half an inch is about right) and secure with tape. Finally use a hole punch at the top of your pouch so you can thread ribbon through. You can apply this same principle to larger items—a football or a toy car, for instance. Just cut your paper so you have ample room, and use the same folding technique as with the smaller pouch. After inserting your item, fold the top down and secure with tape, and then add a complimentary bow. Voila! The tissue paper in your gift wrap ensemble will come in handy too. Using a couple of pieces, place your gift in the center, draw up all the sides, and tie with a coordinating ribbon. Our high-quality, heavy-weight gift wrap is perfect for gifts of all sizes and shapes. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to create your own custom-sized gift bag, and you’ll never struggle with a lumpy, crinkly wrap job again!